Expand the Light Within

Tools that work from a time-tested mystery school tradition going back 3,000 years

The Modern Mystery School opened to the public in 1997 and is part of a rich ancient lineage dating back 3,000 years. 

The mystery school helps all humans to be empowered to live in peace, joy, fulfillment, abundance and harmony with all, while being in accordance with their own unique purpose. Life is meant to be lived, and realizing your own true potential is part of thriving as both a spiritual and physical being.

We offer activations, healings, classes, initiations and wisdom teachings to help humans unlock their true potential and know who they really are.

Many of these modalities can only be offered in person.  Expand Your Light is based in Austin, Texas, but also offers events during travels as well.  If you're located elsewhere, we can discuss other options and I can connect you my network of healers in other locations.  We can also discuss two very powerful distance healing modalities as options as well. It's best to setup a consultation to discuss.

To learn more about the Modern Mystery School and all that is available through this path, visit our homepages:

International Headquarters in Toronto, Canada

Regional Branch in Austin, Texas